the almost, kind of, full story of a geeky, goofy, black writer geared to writing in tandem with her soundtracks, who births and works through a creation rather than "just writing" a thing. a social justice heart. process-oriented. purpose-motivated. an Afrocentric content creator with a systems theory pov. an enthusiastic community member.  a friend of papa god and other living beings.  comedy convert.  an avid fan of scifi and thrillers.  animation-lover.
ambivert extraordinaire.

currently waiting to hear back about another grant, another fellowship... seems like always, but that's just til the day it actually happens! in the middle of production for my first short, Whimsy, coming to a film festival near you (maybe not near you, specifically, but somebody's).  in development for my first animated short, collabing with an awesome graphic artist who speaks my particular dialect of surrealist conceptualization and passion for mutilayered, dimensional thinking. always creating, recreating, revising, researching, reworking and editing. my favorite thing to do? invest in my local creatives, activists, and on the cusp dreamer-doers in every way possible.  be a good human - invest in the lives of others just as much as you invest in your own!

3.5 years ago, i took the plunge to invest in my creative self. it has been an adventure. bumps, bruises, and some knocks downs, but ultimately, i've come out better. so, this webpage is a sign of me jumping into the next; and continuing in the learning, growing, being humble (d), reassessing, adapting, letting go, innovating, contributing, and trying again until what is meant to be is fully realized. 

3.5 years ago, i jumped off the cliff and every day is another choice to jump. the flailing arms are me finishing the webpage. the screaming will definitely be in response to having done this :-)

in all the beautiful mess and unexpected good things, thanks for being on the journey with me. 


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