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Daily Song Moment...Shinobi Thoughts 

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Sometimes a song just encompasses an entire moment... "Dear future Me, recall this time. Be thankful for where you are because I made the hard choices all the way to get you there."

Today, the song "Shinobi Thoughts 3" by Jarry Manna is everything! "Topside" and "Calm" on the album are breathing life... ("Shinobi Thoughts" freestyle is still fire).

I'll get back to all of Aha Gazelle shortly (IONOU JACK, that's all I'm sayin!)

But for now...

Jarry Manna's 2019 album, Legend of Lotus Waver 2, is on heavy rotation repeat. If you don't know, well... you ought to by now :-)



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