• Cynthia Miller

I am an introvert blessed (burdened?) with extroverted social skill so people keep confusing me!

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

When you're building your website and the page starts suggesting ways to increase your visiblity so more people can find you and contact you... and it gets really aggressive and keeps at you about publishing your website -- and your introversion kicks in hard, so you start having ghost heart palpitations at the thought of MORE visibility; and you remember you said you would straight axe all your FB friends if their numbers increased anywhere past 100 ... and you realize you now have almost 200 FB friends 😳...

For all of the people who keep insisting I'm a huge extrovert, I will reiterate - I am an ambivert (I am convinced it's out of necessity) birthed out of deep rooted introversion, like a 12lb breeched birth being pulled out by a lumberjack! It was a pain getting me out, and even though I have had to adjust being out (and I do it very well, thank you), I am constantly seeking out the solitude that recreates what I had when I was in - by myself, quiet, and comfortable...and by myself ;-) You want me to go out with you and 20 people, no problem! But, don't get salty when I disappear on you for 3 days afterwards...

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